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Do you think we can achieve tight curls from a regular flat iron or a streamline hair straightener? Or do you believe in the notion that straighteners are meant for straightening and nothing else? Either way, we hair stylists in the professional or rooky stage blessed with Babyliss ultra thin flat iron to help us in getting the right sort of result.

In this article we have talked about everything that is associated with Babyliss flat iron – pros, cons, reviews, features, mechanism, and even durability and stay of the obtained result.

Tight ringlets and twists are obtainable with Babyliss pro flat iron – do it the right way to get the perfect result!

Life at times does amazing things to us. We tend to follow old trends until we are showed with something that is actually required by us – the appropriate gadget, device, or a tool.

When we say that Babyliss pro Nano titanium flat iron is the best for many of us, we actually mean it. Not that we just say for the sake of saying it and getting more attention. Care, fitness, and health of hair are as important as of skin and bones. And this is the reason why we want you to know everything about it – to select the right product without being in any trance but buying it on the conscious level.

Differences between nano titanium babyliss pro flat iron and other straighteners:

Babyliss PRO Nano Straightening Iron

First and foremost, Babyliss pro hair straightener is made up of titanium and not ceramics. This is the main difference among Babyliss and other straighteners. This product can be distinguished by the way it is designed – titanium use in this product is hundred percent. However, other straighteners with titanium are coated on top of ceramics. But again, it is not the case in this straightener.

Other changes among Babyliss pro Nano flat iron and others is based on hair damage. Metal ones without ceramic are more prone to burn and burn hair as compared to those which has ceramic.

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Other specifications and features:

  • Smoothens and brings shine to the hair.
  • Faster straightening is possible through plates with five inches of extra extension.
  • Results can be achieved by the maximum heat – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Plates are of several sized which assists in handling Babyliss comfortably.
  • Titanium plates come with the straightener. It helps in reducing oxidization.
  • Hairs are protected by the way it is designed and structured. It doesn’t bring any kind of damage even when temperature is set on 450 degrees.
  • Infrared heat enables least form of damage to the hair.

Squeaky body – tighter twists and curls:

Squeakiness is good but not when there is any space to put hair in the plate. Being said so; it is easy to understand that it is much, much important to have at least one inch of plates. Thinner plates bring a lot of problems. Starting from the thinner outside rim to the thinner area of the ceramic material – everything is turmoil. But in the end, it produces result. Outcome that we want at times – curls and twists.

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron- longer plates:

All right, so according to Babyliss flat iron reviews, customers are of the point that this product has around five inch extended plates. Typically these plates are longer than any regular plate. It can grab hair nicely and also can work on it in one go, without any trouble or mess. Also, it is prettier in job than that of those which take ages to complete gig in several hours.

Size matters!!

Unlike any other straightening tool, we have nano titanium babyliss pro flat iron with several sizes. It ranges from 1 inch to 2 inch. 1 inch plate is best for curls because they are thinner than that of the other one. On the other hand, when it comes to 1.5 inch plates, it serves best to those who have medium or long length.

Temperature – key of any good hair straightener:

As mentioned above in the features and specifications, temperature can go up to 450 Fahrenheit. This is the highest temperature which any straightener could possibly get. But there is something to remember about this amount of heat – knowing about your hair texture is very important. Straightening with 450 degrees on a light hair will not just burn but also damage your hair. It will result in something you won’t even like to look at. So, being vigilant about the heat is a thumb rule to use this product.

Cons – manual power on and off!!

Shutting off automatically is a blessing. If we don’t get that in any straightener, it seems a lot. Maybe it is because not all times are favorable to shut off the device manually. But there is no solution to this problem in babyliss straightener as it needs a manual shut down. There is no timer which turns off the device. There is no reason as to which they would have removed the option.

Last verdict:

All in all, if we think of going for babyliss pro straightener then we have to make few choices, take some deliberate and conscious decisions, and go with some compromises. First of all it is about the timer which is not there in the device; thinner plates with not the best material used in the straightener, and temperature which is not appropriate for all types of hair.

There are few advantages too which make this product the best as compared to others. Why? It is because other straighteners don’t seem to offer what Babyliss straightening iron does.

Rating and Review of BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron
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  • Drying Power
  • Heat Resistance
  • Light Weight
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