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Isn’t it true that in the world of flam and glam, we all search for extra attention? We want us to have lustrous hair? Well we do, right? It becomes easier to discuss about the products that help us in achieving our goals and milestones. In this regard, most of the hip hop celebs and rookies go for the so not avoidable Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron.

Below we have discussed everything to educate buyer about the product. Let’s delve in without being biased.

Bio Ionic advocates one pass and deals professionally with hair – doesn’t rupture or damage hair even in the hottest temperature.

Bio Ionic flat iron cultivates passion to all those youngsters who are new in hair styling. Well, it is rightly said to believe in this product.

Based on the love for your hair, the manufacturing company has set a rule for this hair straightener – to minimize the procedure and its timing to two minutes. Besides that there are many other characteristics that help in making this straightener more in demand. What are those and how well are they managed by the company are few topics that we will cover in this article.

Functionality and working of Bionic Hair Straightener:

Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron Reviews

Bionic one pass flat iron has silicon coating on the plates of Bio Ionic straightener. It yields in all the minerals which are the part of silicon as well as infrared. Both, infrared rays and minerals help in smoothening hair and keeping them shiny. Besides that, they guide hair texture to remove frizz, mess, and roughness too.

Is Bionic an ordinary straightener?

Since Bioionic is not just an ordinary product for hair straightening agendas, it comes with a decent packaging, best design, and other features – all assisting in the best result. Also, Bionic flat iron is so not complicated to use. All you have to do is to divide hair into several strands. Then, select one and pass the product onto it. Tadaa!! One strand of hair is straightened.

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Other specifications and features:

  • Doesn’t create fuss or mess in the hair.
  • Speedy to the extent that you get surprised.
  • Best for the morning styling and straightening.
  • Negative hydrogen ions make hair without frizz.
  • Ionic flat iron also has the potential to curl as well as straighten hair.
  • Price is economical and it is easy on pocket.
  • Strips on the plate are made up of silicone. They wear off the trouble of ripping, tearing, and snagging hair strands.
  • Comes with a warranty of five years.

Myth about temperature!! 375 degrees is the best call for sure:

Unlike the myth, the best temperature is not always on the higher side – more is not always the best. Having said so, the professionals and experts of the field are of the point that for straightening procedure 375 degrees serve the purpose aptly. It means when the temperature increases from 375 and reaches 380 or even 378, it starts to destroy cortex which eventually leads to melting and boiling your hair.

One Pass flat iron comes with a plus point of maintaining exact temperature that is needed. However, you need to know the right temperature too so that if it is not controlled you can bring it down manually.

Materials used in Ionic straighter – ceramic and silicone!

Isn’t it cool to know that there is a protective layer of silicone and minerals on Bio Ionic One Pass straightener? The product specializes in liberating minerals like hydrogen ion which somehow gives the best result in terms of smoothness and shine. Apart from that, ceramic and silicone accelerates heat as per needed.

Bio ionic straightener is made up of ceramic with silicone plates. What do they do will surprise you for sure;

  • It heats up the product sooner than any other straightener.
  • Heat is balanced out and distributed in all the areas of the product.
  • Silicone strips make this product much better than those which are without silicone.

Incredible straightener – amazon flat iron:

Believing on the fact that it is a straightener that can do wonders is possible. But how about trusting it to be used for curling your hair may sound a little odd. Well, there is no need to do so. Reason being, it actually has that ability. For which you can throw your curling thongs away. Instead you only need to buy ion straightener to take results of both kinds – straightening and curling or styling purposes.

One inch plate enables shorter version of hair to twist and turn according to the need. Getting nearest to the root of the hair is best when you use this straightener. In short this straightener is good for all – wavy, curly, straight, and flick.

Goes for all textures and lengths:

Since there are two sizes which are available in the market (that has one inch plate and another which has one and a half inch plate), this ion straightener is best for all sorts of hair. One incher plate is best for those short hairs which are not able to get a good grip on the plates of the one and a half incher plate. Silicon in these plates is equally good for wavy, curly, straight, rough, bouncy, and other kinds of hair.

Frizz is something that is combatted with the use of ion straightener. It is the best product for straightening hair if there is humidity or dampness in the air.

Hair straighteners’ amazon – Bio Ionic One Pass:

Bio ionic one pass Amazon reviews reveal truth about the product. It is said to be taken and regarded as the best way to style your hair, especially if they are fussy and frizzy. Since the warranty is for five years or in other words sixty months, there is a chance of not getting rid of the product at all. As in see nobody gives such warranty until they are damn sure about the results. So, in short it is the right way to project the product – by giving five years warranty.

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