Calista Hot Rollers Reviews – Best Heated Curlers For Hair

Calista Hot Rollers, also known as Calista ion hot rollers are the first choice for many reasons. First of all it is best in terms of styling hair in less than expected time. Secondly, this product comes with features that are mostly forgotten or ignored while manufacturing process. Also, it is the source of retaining heat on hair for a while – the way it should be; so that style stays for a longer period of time.

In this blog,we have facilitated with information that revolves around its mechanism, pros and cons, traits and features, and etc. So, let’s delve in go into detail to give a verdict as in whether this is a good product for curling and rolling hairs or not.

Sets heat inside rollers that yields in setting hair styles faster without any inconvenience.

Do you know that Calista tools ion hot rollers are meant for every kind of hair texture and length? Unlike any other product, it serves people with loads and loads of hair with huge volume. It has the tendency to save time so that you can invest it in something else.

How do Calista ion hot rollers function?

Since it is perfect in size and holds minerals on each and every roller, it is considered as the best roller set for all types of hairs (length and texture, both). Infusion of minerals with multiple elements is the tech side of the product. This means that there are two strong elements on each roller – fragmented ionic moisture and mineral elements. With the help of these two core ingredients, this product helps in eradicating frizz and negative ions on hair. Changing negative ions into positive ones is another function that can’t go ignored.

What is included in Calista rollers set?

These hot rollers are packed with a complete set of following:

  • 12 rollers that are of three sizes. Smaller ones are for bringing ringlets, then there are the larger ones, and the last ones are called Body Wavers. Last type is used in order to bring volume in curls and hair.
  • Carrying bag is included in the package. You don’t have to worry about carrying. It is because the product is travel friendly.

Heating system of Calista tools hot rollers:

Customized heating is an option that can’t be missed. Heat and temperature has a lot to do with styling. So, it is important to know what you want from the rollers while setting curls on your hairs. For example; if you want to get smallest possible ringlets on hair then the temperature has to be lower.

Features and specifications:

  • Has smallest possible rollers
  • Contains minerals of multiple types
  • Usually comes in a set of 12 rollers
  • Ionic technology is the main feature of this product
  • It takes between 180 and 300 seconds to heat up
  • Weighs only three pounds
  • Easiest to carry in purse
  • Roller set comes in a case and not a box

Pros and cons:

Pros and cons of Calista ionic hot rollers are the way to determine its worthiness. Advantages may include the way it can be carried (in the least possible spaces) and heating options (that they can be monitored as well as customized as per need). Having said so, it is clear that we have enough trust on the basis of which we can buy Calista rollers. But there is a glitch too – these rollers come with clips that aren’t very effective. As in they do not stick or hold hair the way they should. Even if this comes as a con or negative point, it is not a big deal. Reason being it is just the clip and not the roller which has a problem.

Amazon reviews – Calista tools hot rollers:

Obviously customers are the ones who really need to give the feedback. Without which nothing goes well. Here is what we found after researching about the feedback on Amazon about Calista tools ionic hot rollers.

First of all there are mainly 4 and 5 stars and very few below 4 star reviews. According to those who gave 4 or 5 stars are of the view that the rollers are good enough for hours and it is a big compliment. For short hairs, it is the best product because they hold hair easily and doesn’t cause problem of any sort.

Despite the fact that mainly people loved this product there were few who didn’t. Customers who didn’t like it were of the opinion that the diameter of rollers was too small. In addition to it, they said that clips weren’t of any use. Grip on hair with these clips were quite bothersome.

Last verdict and conclusion:

Last but not the least; Calista tools hot rollers are best for few and not everyone. Well, it is because of the fact that they are heated from inside and not outside. This feature doesn’t do justice with the rollers and cause bad image in the sight of those who are always looking for something mainstream. But it is the best if you are one of those who like change and want to try different items for hair. In short, it is a good product only if you are okay with the grip of clips and other features that are mentioned in this blog.

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