Caruso Steam Rollers – Where To Buy Steam Hair Rollers

Rollers are of importance and it is a main hit of the market these days. They are of several kinds – hot electric ones which are newer as compared to the conventional ones. Hot rollers are much more convenient than the conventional ones. Therefore, they are more in demand. Professionals and even newbies work on these and get the best results.

Having said so, today we are going to write a review on Caruso Steam Rollers. Steam is the specialty of this product which will be discussed below in detail.

Uses steam and not heat – a total bliss and innovative idea to completely remove frizz from hair.

In this article we are going to discuss pros and cons, mechanism or functionality, and other related topics to give a complete and unbiased version of caruso professional ion steam hairsetter.

Too small is too good, right?

Perfectness befalls when everything is compacted in one small package. It is to keep everything steady, ready, and best to carry. Therefore, when we say that small is better, it means you can keep it handy with you while traveling. But the glitch is that these rollers aren’t too small in comparison to others. In fact these are something that you can easily shove inside the bag.

Features and other stipulations of Caruso hair rollers:

  • Comes in a set of five sizes (small, extra-small, medium, large, and extra-large).
  • Clips are also there with each curler to adjust hair and give a proper grip.
  • Curls given by these rollers stay for days and not hours.
  • Curls are always shinier and smoother than actual texture of hair.
  • You can use these curlers or rollers as much as needed. There is no chance of hair fall, or any damage.
  • Foam is soft and curlers are not painful.

Pros and cons of Caruso hot rollers:

Pros and cons are always highlighted. It is so that the buyer can decide wisely and doesn’t regret later. Following are some advantages of hot rollers:

  • Doesn’t damage your hair.
  • Perfect for all types of hair.
  • Gives subtle body and bounce to hair.
  • Hair is always shiny after the use of this product.

And here comes some negative points:

  • Not everyone can master the art of curling hair.
  • Technique must be learnt to wrap hair around curlers
  • Reusing old curlers isn’t hygienic at all.
  • Have to be very careful while using styling hair products. Not all do justice with these curlers.

Dual voltage:

Traveling is always easy when it comes to dual voltage system. It means that ionic heating operational system is relatively smaller. According to the ionic version of heat curlers, company advocates about the long lasting effect. Whereas, after using it, experience was totally different and so not what the company proclaimed.

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Use of steam not heat!!

Steam is used in order to set your hair with curls. Heat is not used as such which helps in making this product safer and smarter. So, in short, hair is kept far from elements which tend to bring destruction of any kind. Also, for the record it is best for those who use curlers every day in the morning before heading out and beginning their days.

What do you get in the pack?

What do we get in the pack? Obviously curlers are there. Precisely 30 rollers are there in the pack. They are of five different types and sizes. Larger, medium, smaller, and the tiniest ones are some of the sizes that are used mostly without fail. Another advantage of these curlers is that they are good with any type of hair – texture and length wise. So, it means that it will definitely do justice to your hair.

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Functionality or mechanism of Caruso Steam Setter:

First of all it is important to know that the curlers are used after filling steam. How steam helps in maintaining curls for longer period of time? Well, hair’s molecules are filled with steam that doesn’t wear out at all. Yes, it doesn’t. You have to shampoo your hair to remove curls from the head.

Here is what you need to do in order to use the product:

  1. Take distilled or filtered water and fill up the entire unit.
  2. Then place curlers in the unit for few seconds.
  3. After that, place it on hair.
  4. Wait for some time depending upon the texture and length of your hair.
  5. Take these curlers out.
  6. Use hair styling spray to help them stay intact for as longest possible time.

Caruso Steam Rollers Reviews:

So, in short, it is all about positive notes about Caruso hair curlers. From the sizes to the way it deals with hair, everything is simply super. However, the need of getting best hair curlers ends with this product. You need to be sure about few things though – how to use and the techniques associated to these curlers.

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