Coconut Curls Savior: OGX Quenching Styling Milk

Smooth and Define Your Curls with OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Styling Milk

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy, unmanageable curls? Look no further than OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Styling Milk. This nourishing leave-in hair treatment is specifically designed for curly hair, helping to tame frizz and enhance your natural curls. With a blend of coconut oil, citrus oil, and honey, this styling milk will leave your curls looking glossy, bouncy, and full of life.


  • 6-fluid ounce bottle
  • Paraben-free and sulfated-surfactants free
  • Blended with coconut oil to add luster and softness to hair
  • Citrus oil helps clarify and reveal shine
  • Sweet honey has humectant properties to moisturize hair
  • Ideal for medium to coarse-textured hair
  • Enhances natural softness and defines curls
  • Helps detangle and smooth curls
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Suitable for daily use

Customer Reviews

With over 7600 reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it’s clear that OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Styling Milk is a hit among customers. Here are the top three reviews to give you a better idea of why people love this product.

  • “This product has worked so well for my son’s curls. His hair is naturally curly, but with this product, he is able to make it curl even more and create ringlets. It also helps to bring back moisture to his hair after being in the pool almost every day. The smell is good, but can be a little overpowering in an enclosed space right after using.” – A satisfied customer.
  • “I adore OGX and have several curly girl products. My hair is fine, going gray, and thinning. It’s also 2b-3c curly. I got this one for locking in my curls. It seems to work well with my heat protectant and gives glorious curls. This product is super curl-friendly, and the jury’s still out on whether it’s a dupe for JVN air dry cream.” – Another happy customer.
  • “I have short, naturally wavy fine hair that tends to be dry and frizzy. This stuff smells amazing and gives my hair some added volume and natural curl. I didn’t find it too crunchy or greasy like some other curl products. Definitely a new go-to!” – A satisfied customer.

Pros and Cons


  • Helps tame frizz and enhance natural curls
  • Leaves hair looking glossy and bouncy
  • Nourishing blend of coconut oil, citrus oil, and honey
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Affordable price of $7.97
  • Paraben-free and sulfated-surfactants free


  • Strong scent may be overpowering for some
  • May not work for all hair types
  • Can feel heavy if too much product is used


Q: Can this product be used on all hair types?
A: While it is suitable for medium to coarse-textured hair, it may not work for all hair types. It’s best to do a patch test before using it on your entire head.

Q: Can it be used on damp or dry hair?
A: Yes, this styling milk can be used on both damp and dry hair for different results. For best results, apply to damp hair and style as desired.

Q: Is this product suitable for daily use?
A: Yes, this styling milk is safe to use daily and will not weigh down your hair.

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Q: Does this product contain parabens or sulfated-surfactants?
A: No, this product is free of parabens and sulfated-surfactants, making it a safer option for your hair.

Q: Can this product help with frizz control?
A: Yes, this styling milk is specifically designed to help tame frizz and enhance definition in curly hair.

Final Thoughts

Overall, OGX Quenching + Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Styling Milk is a highly recommended product for those with curly hair. Its nourishing blend of coconut oil, citrus oil, and honey helps to define and smooth curls while taming frizz. With its affordable price and positive customer reviews, it’s definitely worth giving a try if you struggle with frizzy, unruly curls. So go ahead and embrace your natural curls with this amazing styling milk from OGX.

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