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Hair are of different types. They are of different lengths and textures. Having said so, it means that some people have to use straighteners to flatten their hair. Whereas, on the other hand, silky hair needs curls and waves. This article in particular is for those who have coarse, and rough kind of hair. Also, people with long, medium, and short can take help from this review article.

Keeping the need of review, we have written an unbiased article on Conair xtreme instant heat hot rollers. Here you will find special traits and features, mechanism and working, reviews from customers of the product, and how to use the product to gain ultimate results.

Conair manifests users with confidence by giving expected results in developing curls and waves. Bouncy and eccentric is the main game of this product.

Given statement definitely needs an explanation. So, let’s start off with what exactly is meant by the sentence about hot rollers.

Features and traits of Conair xtreme instant heat hot rollers:

Naturally, there will be some reasons as to which people tend to buy this product. Those are mentioned below:

  • Conair hot rollers are packed in fabric pouch.
  • Heat is distributed equally in all parts of rollers.
  • Ceramic technology is used in this set of hot rollers.
  • Heats up in 85 seconds.
  • There is a peculiar way of starting rollers and strips.
  • Dual voltage system allows carrying product all around the world.
  • Comes in the set of 2 rollers (8 rollers are larger than the other set of four medium rollers).
  • Hairs are protected by flocked product.

What do you get in the pack?

It is very important to know all that is included in the product. What it contains in the amount you have paid is equally vital. Here is a list of all that you get with the product:

  • Velvety and flocked jumbo rollers (5 in quantity)
  • Five-foot-long power cord
  • Clips to support hair with rollers
  • Guidance booklet is included in the pack.

Functionality or mechanism:

Frizz is something that is not liked by anyone. That gives a very weird and bad look. Unfortunately, straighteners and rollers tend to elevate frizz and not remove. But the good part is that this product is super awesome because it reduces frizz while curling. How and why are some questions which you may want to know.

Well, since these rollers are made up of ceramic and have some velvety touch too, they go against frizz. Instead, they enable hair stylist or you in general to style hair without damage of any sort.

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Reviews of Conair jumbo hot rollers – from users and buyers perspective:

When it comes to reviews set by customers or users, we get to know a diversified kind of result. Reviews are basically based on two extremes: one that has given five stars to the product and other which has given below three stars. Now if you ask about idea they had in mind while making purchase. Something was not sure in their minds. First of all, they had thin hair for which the product is a big-time failure. It is because of several reasons. On the contrary, those who have given it five stars had exact type of hair for which it is considered good. Also, there are features which makes it good. However, for some these features are not enough to fix thin hair. In any case, it is all about users’ technique of using and combating unlikely situations.

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Using rollers for best result:

Using Conair rollers is easy and not that difficult. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • It is not important to shower before curling your hair. However, it is mandatory to make sure that hairs are completely dry before you start the procedure.
  • Brush hair to untangle it while the product is plugged to get heated. Apply mousse or any kind of styling spray.
  • Naturally, the next step is to separate strand of hair and tie them individually. Then, take one strand at a time. Remove one curler at a time. Bring it towards scalp keeping one-inch distance. Start winding hairs in that roller. Make sure about the style you want in the end. If it is something wavy and not much mushy, then leave an inch from the end too.
  • You can use clips to secure and protect hair from slipping off from roller.
  • Repeat same procedure for the entire head. Again, be sure of style you are longing to have. This one is very basic though and many variations can be brought to it.
  • Last but not the least; final step is to unroll or open rollers. For that you have to take off clips from hair, if any. Then unroll your hair, letting them fall loosely. Twist them in your fingers to create more twists and turns. You can definitely use any kind of brush (roller also known as paddle brush or the simple one) to untangle hairs (if needed).

P.S: with time and practice you will be able to achieve better and pro-like results. Also, please note that you have to let curlers or rollers sit on hair for twenty minutes before unrolling them. Time duration also depends on type and nature of hair.

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Conclusion of Conair travel hot rollers:

All in all these hot rollers are one of a kind. It is because of the fact that technology used in it is as awesome as it actually should be. Moreover, it has its own perks and can be relied easily. But yes, it is not good for thin hair which is the only disadvantage of the product. Otherwise, it is and could be the best purchase for long, thick, and other kinds of hair.

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