Frost Your Locks with L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights

Achieve Salon-Worthy Highlights at Home with L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights

Are you tired of spending a fortune at the salon to maintain your highlights? Or have you been hesitant to try a DIY highlighting kit, fearing a disastrous outcome? Look no further, because L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights For Long Hair is here to save the day. With its hi-precision pull-through cap and customized hook options, this kit promises to give you perfectly placed, professional-looking highlights in the comfort of your own home. But does it live up to its claims? Let’s find out in this in-depth review.

Features That Make L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights Stand Out

  • Hi-precision pull-through cap for perfectly placed highlights
  • Two hook options for bold or subtle highlights
  • Toning rinse for shiny, brass-free hair
  • Non-drip formula for a mess-free application
  • Includes mixing tray, gloves, and overcap for convenience

Customer Reviews: Real People, Real Results

With over 6558 reviews and an impressive rating of 4.5 stars, it’s safe to say that L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights has won over the hearts of many satisfied customers. Let’s take a look at the top three reviews to see what makes this product a crowd favorite.

“I was on the fence about using a box highlight kit, but it was going to be a couple more weeks until my salon appointment and my highlights were growing out, which made my hair look terrible. I did a strand test for 45 minutes, which left my hair a little orangey-yellow. So then I left the highlighting mix on for 50 minutes, and I got perfect highlights. No joke, the color is as good as a high-priced salon. My placement wasn’t perfect but it looks great anyway! I used the cap and crochet hook and pulled a lot of pieces through, randomly, all over. I am saving a couple more of these highlighting kits, to get me through when I am in between hair appointments. Soooooo worth it.” – A satisfied customer.

“I got tired of spending $200 every 6-8 weeks to keep up my highlights – but when I let them fade all the way out I was not a fan of my natural dark blonde. This was a high risk (but low cost) effort on my part to learn to maintain my highlights myself at home. My mom is a hairdresser and is visiting in a week, so I gave it a shot – knowing she could fix it if it turned out too awful…But it worked out great! Hard to see where to poke holes if you don’t have a great mirror set up, but fine once I got the hang of it. The instructions were clear and simple to follow, the materials and ingredients are high quality and my highlights turned out way better than I had even hoped! I will probably process a little longer next time (I got spooked at about 20 minutes – but could probably have gone closer to 30), but the highlights are nice and even and feel/look healthy. I will be buying a pallet of these kits to have on hand and will never pay full price for a highlight again!” – Another happy customer.

“Grab a friend and get some highlights! You’ll want a friend to help with getting your hair through the cap! Also a good idea to buy a metal hook. The kit comes with one, but it is low quality. The highlights look awesome and you can do a little or a lot ~ your choice.” – A satisfied customer.

Pros and Cons: What to Expect

– Easy to use, even for beginners
– Customizable options for bold or subtle highlights
– Salon-quality results at a fraction of the cost
– Non-drip formula for a mess-free application
– Includes all necessary tools for convenience

– Difficult to see where to poke holes for highlights without a good mirror setup
– Metal hook included in the kit is of low quality

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FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: The processing time may vary depending on your hair type and desired results. However, most customers have seen noticeable results within 20-30 minutes.

Q: Can this kit be used on all hair types?
A: Yes, this kit is suitable for all hair types, including long hair that goes past the shoulders.

Q: Can I mix and match different shades from the Frost and Design range?
A: Yes, you can mix and match different shades to create a unique and personalized look.

Q: Will this kit turn my hair brassy?
A: No, the kit includes a toning rinse to finish, leaving your hair shiny and brass-free.

Final Verdict: A Must-Try for At-Home Highlights

After analyzing the features, customer reviews, and pros and cons, it’s safe to say that L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights For Long Hair is a must-try for anyone looking to achieve salon-worthy highlights at home. With its customizable options and salon-quality results, this kit is a game-changer for those looking to save time and money on salon visits. Don’t hesitate, grab a friend and get ready to rock some stunning highlights with L’Oreal Paris Frost and Design Cap Hair Highlights.

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