Latest Trendy Haircuts for Men

Fashion is growing very fast these days. Though it has a very short life cycle keeps on changing. In order to be called stylish and classy one has to go with the flow. The term “fashion” is often connected with females, but it would also be true to associate it with males. Like women, men also have different fashion trends and thus, haircut styles; Therefore, the haircuts for men are very important for them because it determines the individual’s overall looks and personality.

Below is just some of the Men’s Haircut Styles:

Comb over Haircut

Comb over Haircut haircuts for men

It is the hairstyle which is usually made at the center of the head. The hair is long combed over the bald areas of the head of the people so as to reduce the evidence of baldness.

Flat Haircut with Bang

Flat Haircut with Bang haircut

For women bangs are very common but as for men, it is equally important. Fringes look not only classy but cool as well.2015 was the era of bangs. Running massively on the catwalks only a few months ago, men’s fringes or face curtains were the ‘it’ hair trend to include into the grooming vocabulary.

Crew Hair Cut

Crew Hair Cut

It is the type of Men’s haircut style where the vertical hair of the top of the head is cut comparatively short, stepped up in length from the longest hair which then forms a small pomp like structure at the front hairline to the smallest at the back of the crown so that in side profile, the outline of the top hair reaches horizontally.

Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League Haircut

It is the high-class Ivy League haircut that is a stylish form of the classic crew cut. It is also called as a Princeton or Harvard clip; this cut is designed to balance out the elegance of a crew cut via the slickness of a side part. It is perfect for men’s style aiming for a sophisticated and classy, appearance.

Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut 2020

This haircut is a type in which hair along the edges and back is trimmed as close as possible with scissors and “diminishes” or cuts up into any length on top.

High and Tight Hairstyle

High and Tight Hairsyle

It is one of the most common hairstyles which are particularly suitable for armed forces. In other words, it is the army cut which is cut very short.

Low Fade Haircut

Low fade Haircut

It is a type which is also referred to as “Temple fade” and it is a very small bald fade. The hair is trimmed to the scalp and dips low in the back. It depends on having the hair on the edges and back of the skull narrowed in length with no more hair being left on the skin.

Clean Butch Cut

clean butch Cut hair cut

This style is perfect for summers. It is extremely short haircut similar to army cut but little different.

Long Top with Bread

Long Top with Bread haircut

With the passage of time, another variation of the men bun popped up which is the undercut bun also called the top knot.

Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut

The undercut type of hairstyles was back again. It was first popularized at the end of the 20th century as the haircuts for men. The men’s undercut haircut was taken back early in the society and became fashionable options for both men and women alike

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