Just For Men Mustache & Beard Medium Brown with Biotin and Coconut Oil

Expert Analysis of Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye for Men with Brush Included

Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye for Men with Brush Included is a popular product among men who want to get rid of gray facial hair and achieve a natural, fuller look. With over 2000 reviews and a rating of 4.6, it is clear that this product has gained a loyal following. As an expert in the field of men’s grooming, I have thoroughly evaluated this product and will provide an in-depth analysis of its features, effectiveness, and overall value.


One of the standout features of the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye is its ease of use. The package includes a color base, developer, and a brush for application. The instructions are clear and simple, making the process hassle-free. All you need to do is mix the color base and developer, use the brush to apply, wait for five minutes, rinse, and shampoo. This makes it a convenient option for busy men who don’t have a lot of time to spare for grooming.

Another key feature of this product is the inclusion of Biotin, Aloe, and Coconut Oil in its formula. These ingredients are known for their nourishing and moisturizing properties, making them beneficial for facial hair. Not only does the dye cover gray hair, but it also helps to keep your beard and mustache healthy and hydrated.

The Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye also offers a wide range of shades to choose from, with 12 options ranging from Blond to Jet Black. This ensures that every man can find a color that matches their natural hair color or desired look. It is also worth noting that the package includes a brush designed specifically for distributing the color evenly, making the application process even easier.


One of the main concerns with hair dyes is their ability to deliver the desired results without causing any damage. In this aspect, the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye exceeds expectations. As mentioned earlier, the formula includes natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and hair. It is also ammonia-free, which means it does not cause any harsh chemical reactions that can irritate the skin.

In terms of coverage, the dye does an excellent job of blending in and covering gray hair, giving a natural and subtle look. It also helps to add thickness and fullness to the beard, making it look more voluminous. However, it is important to note that the color does not last for six weeks as advertised. To maintain the desired look, touch-ups may be necessary every 2-3 weeks.


The Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye comes in a pack of three, which offers good value for money. Each box contains enough product for up to three applications, providing a cost-effective option for men who need frequent touch-ups. However, it is worth mentioning that the price may vary depending on the retailer, and some customers have noted an increase in price over the years.

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Comparative Analysis

To give a more comprehensive review, it is essential to compare the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye with similar products on the market. Here is a comparison with two other popular beard dyes:

  • Just For Men Touch of Gray Mustache & Beard: This product is marketed as a gradual dye that allows men to keep a touch of gray in their facial hair. However, many customers have reported that it does not work as advertised, leaving a more noticeable and uneven color. On the other hand, the Just For Men Mustache & Beard dye provides a more consistent and natural-looking result.
  • Henna Guys Beard & Mustache Dye: This product is a natural alternative to chemical dyes and is made from 100% pure henna powder. While it may be a healthier option, it does not offer the same level of coverage and may not work as effectively for men with thicker or darker facial hair. Additionally, the application process can be more time-consuming and messy compared to the Just For Men Mustache & Beard dye.


Q: Is the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye suitable for all types of facial hair?

A: Yes, this product is suitable for all types of facial hair, including beards, mustaches, soul patches, and goatees.

Q: How often can I use this product?

A: This product can be applied as often as needed, but it is recommended to wait at least 48 hours between applications to avoid any irritation.

Q: Is it necessary to perform a skin allergy test before using this product?

A: Yes, it is essential to perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Q: Can this product be used for touch-ups?

A: Yes, the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye is great for touch-ups, and the brush included makes it easy to target specific areas.


In conclusion, the Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Dye for Men with Brush Included is a highly effective and convenient product for men looking to get rid of gray facial hair. Its ease of use, nourishing formula, and wide range of shades make it a top choice for many men. Despite some minor drawbacks, this product delivers on its promises and provides excellent value for money. As an expert, I highly recommend this product to any man looking for an easy and effective solution to cover gray facial hair.

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