Check out the Cool and Funky Little Boy Haircuts

Your little boy deserves a cool haircut just like you. In today’s fast paced world, there is nobody who would like to be the late adopter of the fashion trends. So, why make your little boy wait? if you are thinking of getting a unique haircut for your child, then take a look at the little boy haircuts to get some inspiration.

2016 Stylish Little Boy Haircuts:

  • Clean Cut

Little Boy clean cut

This hair style suits the babies with oval, square or triangular face. It is a sleek hairstyle that will make your kid look more innocent than ever. Whether it is thin, medium or thick hair, you will find this hair cut best. if you are interested in styling the hair, then simply apply some oil on the sides and use hairspray to make the style last longer.

  • Undercut

Little Boy Undercut

If your son has an oval face, undercut will do the work. Apply some hair gel brush the hair top upwards and comb the bangs downwards.

  • Short And Straight

Short And Straight kid haircut

If your child has got smooth and silky hair, go for short and straight hair cut. You don’t really have to do much to make the style work.

  • Business Class Boy Haircut

Business Class Boy Haircut

Yes, you have got it right, it is the well-groomed look that a business man usually has. It goes best with faces having square, triangular and oval shape. Even if your son has think hair, this hair style will still look awesome. Just damp the hair, apply smoothing lotion and use the hair brush to create a classic look.

  • Faux Hawk

Boy Faux Hawk haircut

There is a hawk in the middle and the sides are a bit shaved. It is the most common styles among men and kids as it is quite desirable and trendy.

  • Side-swept Boy Haircut

Side-swept Boy Haircut

Kids have side swept too. It is the most decent hair style to adopt. It works well on round, oval and triangle shaped faces. No hair wax is needed, just make a natural division of the hair and brush them on both sides.

  • Rocker Haircut

Rocker Haircut

The rocker haircut may not be an ideal look but if you are looking for something funky, then it would be best.

  • Medium Length

Medium Length haircut

With medium length hair, you can adopt any hair style. It is also counted among the most decent hair styles for kids.

  • Classic Cut

boy Classic Cut haircut

It is the cute haircut that would suit just about any toddler. It is not too short in length but it is not too boring either. Your child is going to always look tidy in this haircut.

  • Long Haircut

Long Haircut boy 2019

An ideal long haircut can be styled in whatever way you like. It usually looks nice if the hair are straight so it might not be a good option in case your boy’s hair are curly.

  • Curly

Little Boy Curly haircut

If your child has curly hair, then it is better you don’t ruin them by going for any other style, keep the curls and show off the waves. They will always look best in their amazing natural way.

Choose any of the little boy haircuts you like and make your child look at his best!

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