LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener Review – Where To Buy

In this article we are going to discuss one and only – LumaBella keratin dual touch styler. It is known for the many similarities and conjunctions of any high-end hair straightener. Possessing utmost and optimum level of technology, this straightener promises to strengthen your hair without causing any damage. If you talk about tech side, it contains conditioners that assist in hydrating as well as conditioning hair. So, it is indeed becomes best for those who have thin and frizzy hair.

Let’s delve in the product and find out about pros and cons; mechanism, reviews, and other aspects of the straightening tool.

Invest one week to hair by using LumaBella and get all the chances to win healthier version of hair.

To start off with the description and a complete blog review, there is something to say about the straightener Keratin Dual straighter – it is not a mainstream product. But yes, it comes with certain glitches and fall outs which might make it sound a little off guarded one. Either way, how so ever you want to perceive it, praises and appreciation goes to the manufacturing company.

Basic features and specifications of  Lumabella Flat Iron:

LumaBella Keratin Hair Straightener

  • Not a regular straightener with few options of straightening your hair.
  • Have automatic options of turning it on and off.
  • It heats up in as less as thirty seconds.
  • Inbuilt heat sensor is activated while using the straightener.
  • Warranty isn’t for one but four year – yes! 4 whole years.
  • It has a rotating cord.
  • Heat is boosted after every few seconds.
  • Keratin conditioners are also inbuilt.
  • Plates on the straightener floats.

Functionality and working of keratin straightener:

Here is a complete procedure as to how you can straighten hair using Keratin Dual.

  • Heat the product by starting it with 2 or at the max 3 (point/level).
  • Protect hair from heat by using styling product.
  • Then, with or without “turbo setting” start straightening hair in strands.
  • For perfect straightening, divide hair in several portions. Tie them up together using bands or clips.
  • Take a strand and clamp straightener plates on hair.
  • Bring it from top to the bottom leaving one inch from scalp. This way your scalp will not get burnt.
  • Continue till all hairs are straightened or you get significant result.
  • Variations can be done in straightened hair by twisting product on the already flattened hair.

Heat – yeah! Says it all:

All right, we know that this keratin straightener is full of surprises. Among many other perks, we have one related to heat settings. Unlike any other straightener, LumaBella has five different heating settings – from 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) to 450 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Following temperature guide will help in understanding the use;

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  • 300 degrees F is best for fine or colored or treated hair.
  • 450 degrees F is excellent for dense, crimped, twisted, curly, and frizzled hair.

The LumaBella Hair Straightener with Keratin Micro Conditioners:

Keratin is infused with micro-conditioners in this product. It helps in:

  • Smoothening hair.
  • Oily residues are eliminated from hair.
  • Has the best grip onto hair.
  • Glides like a pro without interweaving.

Slanted Plates:

It hair straightener plates are slanted and not straight like any ordinary one. It is designed in such a way to bring ease for the user. That is the reason why the curls and twists are so easy to achieve from the product. Besides that, the plates are floatable. They move and swirl as needed to adjust the device accordingly.


Here is a list of other specifications which come under pros or advantages of this particular dual touch hair straightener:

  • It is best for all types of hair – texture and length.
  • You can curl and twist hair with the obvious option of straightening.
  • Takes few seconds to heat up.
  • Reduces time to style hair.
  • Since there are several temperature settings, you can use one that suits the need.
  • It is extremely easy to carry because of its weight.
  • Storage is easy and has a cover made up of rubber.
  • LumaBella shuts off automatically.

Shortcomings of LumaBella straightener:

Some of the negative points of this product or hair straightener are:

  • It falls on the expensive side.
  • Sometimes the plates are a bit hard to press.

Conclusion and reviews:

LumaBella hair straightener reviews are based on those who have bought and used this product. As per their views, it is best in regard to the heating properties and settings. While using this product you will notice something – it doesn’t damage or burn hair. Ceramic and heat sensors are the custodians of keeping everything smooth and working. Ceramics used in this product have their own keratin. Also, it is all about ease which means the grip is always very subtle and tight.

Rating and Review of LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Styler
  • Temperature Control
  • Drying Power
  • Light Weight
  • Lock Feature
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