Say Goodbye to Frizzy Hair with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Introducing the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, the ultimate solution for frizzy hair! Are you tired of spending hours trying to tame your unruly locks? Look no further, because this serum is specially designed to speed up drying time and is humidity resistant, making it the perfect choice for those with frizzy hair. Priced at $28.5, this serum is a great value for its amazing features.

The Ultimate Solution for Frizzy Hair

As someone who has struggled with frizzy hair, I am always on the lookout for products that can help me achieve smooth and manageable locks. That’s why when I came across the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, I knew I had to give it a try. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!


The Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum boasts an impressive list of features that make it stand out from other serums in the market. Here are some of its key features that caught my attention:

  • Speeds up drying time: This serum is a game-changer when it comes to drying time. It significantly reduces the time it takes to dry my hair, which is a huge plus for me as I am always in a rush in the mornings.

  • Humidity resistant: Living in a humid climate, I know the struggle of trying to keep my hair frizz-free. With this serum, I no longer have to worry about my hair puffing up in the humidity. It keeps my hair sleek and smooth, even on the most humid days.

  • Lightweight formula: One of the things I love about this serum is that it doesn’t weigh down my hair. It has a lightweight formula that doesn’t leave any residue or make my hair look greasy.

  • Pleasant scent: The serum has a subtle, pleasant scent that lingers in my hair all day. It’s not overpowering, but it adds a nice touch to my hair care routine.

Customer Reviews

With a stellar rating of 4.8 and over 8904 reviews, this serum has proven to be a favorite among customers. I was amazed by the number of positive reviews and decided to see what all the hype was about. And let me tell you, the reviews were spot on!

One of the top reviews highlights the serum’s versatility, as it can be used alone or with hot tools for a flawless finish. Another customer with dry, curly hair was amazed at how this serum cut down their drying time and left their curls looking stunning. And for those with naturally curly hair, this serum is a game-changer in combating humidity and keeping curls under control.

I was also impressed by the number of reviews from customers with different hair types. It seems like this serum works wonders for all hair types, from straight to curly, dry to oily.

Pros and Cons


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  • Tames frizz: This serum is a frizz-fighting superhero. It keeps my hair smooth and sleek, even in the most humid conditions.

  • Versatile: Whether I want to air dry my hair or use hot tools, this serum works well in both scenarios.

  • Lightweight formula: The serum doesn’t weigh down my hair or leave any residue, making it perfect for daily use.

  • Pleasant scent: The subtle scent of the serum is a bonus and adds a nice touch to my hair care routine.

  • Travel-friendly: The pump bottle is convenient and leak-proof, making it perfect for travel.


  • Price: At $28.5, this serum may seem a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way, making it worth the investment.

  • Not widely available: The serum may not be easily available in all stores, but it can be purchased online.


Q: Can this serum be used on color-treated hair?

A: Yes, the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum is safe to use on color-treated hair.

Q: Is this serum suitable for all hair types?

A: Yes, this serum works well on all hair types, from straight to curly, dry to oily.

Q: Can this serum be used on wet or dry hair?

A: This serum can be used on both wet and dry hair for best results.

In Conclusion

Don’t let frizz ruin your day, try the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and experience the wonders it can do for your hair. With its impressive features, affordable price, and glowing reviews, it’s no wonder why this serum has become a go-to for many. Get your hands on this amazing product and say goodbye to bad hair days!

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