How to Style Short Hair with Bangs?

Are you thinking that there is no better way to style short hair with bangs? Do you think that you might have to either change your hairstyle completely or you will be stuck with bangs all your life? That’s not true! There are lots of ways you can style your bangs and achieve a different look on whatever occasion you are about to go.

Read the 12 unique ways of styling your short hair with bangs:

1. Cute Short Haircut with Bangs

short hair with bangs

It is going to be a fun and funky style. The short haircut featured with shaggy and curly bangs and shaved sides will just look adorable. The style looks different from the front and even more stunning from the back.

2. Straight Dark Haircut with Bangs

Straight Short Dark Haircut with Bangs

If you have dark hair, all you need to do is straighten them up and instead of having front bangs, create a side part with the bangs.

3. Straight Short Haircut with Bangs

Short Haircut with Long Bangs

It would simply be awesome to you have the short haircut but straight bangs. You will have full control over styling like a diva.

4. Short Haircut and Choppy Bangs

Short Haircut and Choppy Bangs

It is like the anuntidy look but you are surely going to be admired for it. Choppy bangs vary in length and you can spread them on your forehead whatever way you like.

5. Short Haircut with Layered Bangs

Short Haircut with Layered Bangs

Layered bangs are simply awesome. The hair cut can be pixie but you when you have layered bangs spread on top, you will be making your very own style statement.

6. Short Shag

Short Shag

You will have your very own edgy twist and this is going to take your hairstyle to the next level. They look best on fine, curly, think and straight hair.

7. Copper Crush

Copper Crush

The copper crush is among the hottest short wavy hairstyles of 2016. Your hair is going to look simply overwhelming in short cut with copper color on the top.

8. Chestnut Flip

Chestnut Flip

Having warm chestnut brown flips in your hair would make an awesome impact. The highlights can vary in color intensity.

9. Pixie cut with bangs

Pixie cut with bangs

Bangs and pixie cut always go well together. As summer has already set in, what are you waiting for? Go for pixie and simple bangs. You will never regret having this awesome haircut.

10. Pixie With Long layered bangs

Pixie With Long layered bangs

Have you ever tried pixie with long layered bangs? If the simple bangs didn’t suffice you, then long layered bangs will definitely do the work.

11. Wavy pixie with bangs

Wavy pixie with bangs

Here is another version of pixie and it is the wavy pixie. Even if you don’t really have straight hair, you can still go for pixie and bangs. It looks best on oval faces.

12. Funky style

Funky style

Short hair and funky style make a great pair. On top of it, if you have got bangs, then you are always going to steal the show!

What are you waiting for, add some spice in your life with the cute and stylish short hair with bangs.

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