Top 10 Awesome Black Men Hairstyles

Are you a cool black guy thinking of changing your old hairstyle? Even if you have got curly hair, you can still achieve a number of looks. All you need is the styling products like hair gel, hair comb and a hairstyle and you can transform yourself with just a change in the hairstyle. Take a look at the best black men hairstyles shared below to help you out in changing your old look.

Trendy Black Men Hairstyles in 2016:

Buzz Cut

Black Men Hairstyles Buzz-Cut

It would do the work for you if you are too busy to style your hair but you have to be sure that they look presentable all the time. You don’t need any styling for buzz cut.

Wavy Fade

Wavy Fade haircut

It is the timeless look that always makes you look like a professional when put together.Brush your hair forward using a boar bristle brush. It can suit any face shape and even hair density.

Artsy Fade Cut

Arsty Fade Cut


It might be a hard to achieve this look but you are surely going to look awesome in it. Just straighten up hair and brush them upsides. The sides are supposed to be shaved.

Low Side Parted Taper

Low Side Parted Taper haircut

It is the dapper style that has deep side parts with clean edges. It is surely a hair style that can leave a lasting impression on just about anyone. It will look good on men with all face shapes. Medium to thick hair can easily retain this hairstyle.

Short and Curly Haircut

Short and Curly Haircut

It is a hippy haircut and it’s quite easy to attain. You simply need gel and cream to style your hair.

Mohawk Fade Haircut

Mohawk Fade Haircut

It is the hairstyle that would just break the norm. It has got a Mohawk with a twist. It usually comes with patterns on the sides of the shaved head. You will make an awesome statement with this hairstyle.

Long Tight Taper


It is one of the most desirable styles of today. Who would not like to have that disheveled look? The sides are closely cut. The hair on the top are a bit twisted. The sides have to be brushed close to the scalp. It can suit all hair types.

Twisted Hairstyle

Twisted Hairstyle

Are your grown up hair looking messy? It is time that you take this messy look to a new level. While you are hair are wet, divide them in 4 and apply some pomade. Now start twisting small portions of the hair. Keep on repeating unless you are done. You will have your very own twisted hair style ready.

Faded Twists

Faded Twists haircut

It is common among the athletes and celebrities. All you have to do is brush the sides of the hair up and twist them.

Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly haircut

If you have natural curls, then all you need is some conditioner and oil to style your hair with fingers and you are done with a classy look.

With these black men hairstyles, you are going to look trendy and stylish no doubt. What are you waiting for, embrace the change today!

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